Saturday, 19 March 2011

Melbourne Arts and Crafts Market

My view of the place

My aunty Jill

My cousin Laurence (very good at persuading the older ladies to buy cake)

I met some really nice people at the market especially Tina at the stall next to me who made necklaces out of buttons. There was one elderly lady who wasn't very nice though and said the price of my miniature cake was ridiculous and how could she possibly afford that. Then she ran off! There was a tombola featuring as prizes what seemed to be the unwanted contents of somebody's bathroom. I took a photo when no one was looking. The tombola lady said she would tell my fortune. As I had predicted to myself, the predictions were a bit vague but apparently there are angels looking over me (!). She also said I should come to her cancer support group and it didn't matter that I didn't have cancer or know anyone who had it. But I can't as it is a four hour train journey from where I live.
The old-skool tombola:

This was the best prize I think;

Me and the hoardes of customers...


  1. I really really wish you'd won the Telly addicts game

  2. sorry. you can have a lavender bath bomb instead