Friday, 23 April 2010

Eating cakes in the name of research

Being the dedicated researchers that we are, the MiniPatisserie team have been visiting various full size patisseries. Our favourite so far is Cocoa on Queens Road in Brighton. The cakes and coffee are perfect (there is a cake gallery on their website to check out) and the people who work there are lovely and always remember us when we go in. We recommend the pear and chocolate tart or the passion fruit and white chocolate.

The Buttercup cafe in Lewes is a lovely place as well. I had no idea it was there until last week but I'm glad I was introduced to it as the chocolate cake was amazing.

Another place we went was the C&H cafe which was a bit over priced but I took a photo of a trifle (which I didn't buy).

In other news, I made these cupcakes for my brother who loves Roger Federer. I think you'll agree it is quite possibly the most artistic thing I've ever done. However, if you prefer slightly classier cupcakes then check out our friend Lucy and her Heaven Is a Cupcake site as they are rather good.

Love you bye!

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