Monday, 8 June 2009

Well the Brighton festival has finished... loads of people took the little business cards that were from and we had to order another lot. Unfortunately there was about £50 worth of jewellery missing at the end of the month which seems to have been nicked and this isn't so great...but it was a good experience. I can't make any more items for the etsy shop just yet because I haven't got all my tools and clay with me at the moment but I will as soon as possible. I have had some interesting people that have started to follow me on twitter recently including NJDMiniatures and Jemjoop. Also here are some photos of the festival;


  1. Hiya
    I stopped by Lincoln Cottages and was sorry not to meet you! I loved your mini things in the flesh though! What a shame that some jewellery was stolen; some people have no respect. Anyway, I hope it all went well for you!

  2. Your jewelry is amazing! I'm also sorry thing got stolen. I've gotta purchase some of your stuff off of Etsy one of these days because it's so darn cute!